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CW722R Finkelstein Metals Finkelstein Metals

CW722R Complex Copper Zinc. Request a Quote. Request a Quote . Fill in the fields below and we will be in touch shortly. Contact Details. Product Details. Quantity. Add Product to Quotation. Send me a copy by email. Print. You can request a quote by email: info CuZn40Mn1Pb1FeSn. CuZn40Mn1Pb1FeSn EN 12163, EN 12165, EN 12167. Marin Industry Typical Uses . Bar Length ...Bar Length : 3000mm

Copper Alloys FITCO SA

Brass is CopperZinc alloy which retains the good corrosion resistance and formability of copper but is considerably stronger ... CW722R: CuZn40Mn1Pb1FeSnCZ15: CW723R: CuZn40Mn2Fe1naval brass. Material Designation. European Standards USA GB Number Symbol UNS BS CW711R: CuZn36Pb2Sn1: C48400: CZ134: CW712R: CuZn36Sn1Pb: C48200: CZ112: CW714R: CuZn37Pb1Sn1: C48200

CZ115 Columbia Metals

CZ115 CW722R is a duplex high tensile brass with a restricted aluminium content to facilitate soldering and brazing. Sometimes referred to as a manganese bronze, CZ115 CW722R has additions of iron, tin and manganese that benefit the physical and mechanical attributes of the alloy. The grade was developed to allow high strength brass components to be joined. The additions of tin and iron ...

COPPER C107 Columbia Metals

C107. C107 is a copper alloy with a small addition of arsenic which provides the alloy with enhanced tensile strength properties at elevated operating temperatures up to 300 176C. As well as increasing the softening resistance, the arsenic addition also enhances corrosion resistance in specific environments. Arsenical copper is deoxidised, which ...

Copper Alloys Columbia Metals

Our high copper alloys include silicon bronze, copper nickel silicon and beryllium copper. These alloy grades are among the most important and widely used copper alloys due to the impressive range of attributes that can be attained. Columbia Metals stock of copper nickel silicon features two other proprietary alloys, Colsibro 174 and Trojan, both offering high strength and wear resistance ...