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BRASS CZ101 Columbia Metals

14 0183 32CZ101 CW501L is a brass alloy containing approximately 90 copper and 10 zinc. It is primarily supplied as a sheet grade and is classed as a gilding metal. The ALLOY NAMEBSUNSBS ENCZ 17310 1731 C 173W5 17301 173L CZ 17310 1731C2 17320 17300CW 17350 1731LCZ 17310 1738 C 173W5 17308 173L CZ 17310 1738C2 17374 17300CW 17350 1738LCZ 17310 1739 C 173W5 17309 173L CZ 17310 1739C2 17380 17300CW 17350 1739LCZ 17311 1730 C 173W7 17302 173R CZ 17311 1730C6 17387 17300CW 17370 1732Rcolumbiametals.com14

CZ101 / CW501L Gilding Brass holme dodsworth metals ltd

CZ101 / CW501L Gilding Brass. CW501L / CZ101 is an alpha brass consisting of approximately 90 copper and 10 zinc. Also known as Gilding Metal the CW501L / Copper: 89.091.0

CZ101 / CW501L

appli ions. CZ101 CW501L is easy to engrave, braze, solder or enamel. The alloy offers high resilience to dezincifi ion and stress corrosion. We stock

CZ101 CW501L Gilding Brass Brass Tubes, Copper Pipes

CW501L / CZ101 Gilding Brass is an alpha brass consisting of approximately 90 copper and 10 zinc. Also known as Gilding Metal the CW501L / CZ101 is primarily Copper: 89.091.0

Brass Columbia Metals

CZ101 / CW501L Gilding Metal ... Very high strength levels and a good corrosion resistance combined with a good machinability and hot stamping properties. CZ115 /

Brass Columbia Metals

Size Range. 5/32quot 5quot diameter. 0.193quot 1.7/8quot A/F. 10g 24g. 5/16quot 1.1/2quot square. Flat and Tube also available. Our brass product range includes many of the most

CZ114 / CW721R High Tensile Brass holme dodsworth ...

CW721R / CZ114 is a high tensile brass consisting of a duplex structure. Developed for more exacting appli ions where strength and corrosion resistance are Copper: 56.558.5

CZ115 / CW722R High Tensile Brass holme dodsworth ...

CZ115 / CW722R consists of of a duplex structure and is a high tensile brass with a restricted aluminium content, enabling it to be soldered and brazed. Similar in Copper: 56.558.5

CZ121 Brass Properties Technical Information metals4U ...

Brass is an alloy that is composed of Copper and Zinc. Different grades of Brass will also contain elements of other alloys that will provide different properties.

Copper and Copper Alloys Brass CW721R High Tensile ...

Brasses are divided into two classes. The alpha alloys, with less than 37 Zinc, and the alpha/beta alloys with 3745 zinc. Alpha alloys are ductile and can be cold Density: 8.63 g/cm 179