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Thread Type Guide: NPT, BSP, JIS, SAE, Metric Trimantec

30/08/2021 0183 32JIS Tapered Pipe Thread Type PT. PT thread type is identical and interchangeable with BSPT thread type. However, since the male PT thread does not have a 30degree flare, it will not mate with the BSPP swivel with conical seat. Also, we recommended using thread sealant with PT threads to ensure a leakfree seal.

ASTM B368 21 Standard Test Method for CopperAccelerated ...

3.1 The CASS test is widely employed and is useful for specifi ion acceptance, simulated service evaluation, manufacturing control, and research and development. It was developed specifically for use with decorative, electrodeposited nickel/chromium and copper/nickel/chromium coatings. Use of the test has improved the quality of electroplated parts and led to the development of new and ...


Copper tube for construction piping: JIS H3300 : Copper tube for refrigerent: JIS H3300

LMs comparison list between different norms from Copper ...

CAC406 BC6 Japanese standard, JIS SS 520415 Cu Sn5 Pb5 Zn5 , CC 491 K CAC502B PBC2B2 Japanese standard, JIS SS 546515 Cu Sn12 , CC 483 K CAC702B AlBC2 Japanese standard, JIS AB200, C954, Ampco 18 CAC703 AlBC3 Japanese standard, JIS SS 571615, SS 571620 Cu Al10 Ni5 Fe4 C1020 Japanese standard, JIS CuOF, CuSF

Material conversion ASTMKSJISDIN

asme astm ks jis spec. grade std number symbol symbol gr. wca d 4101 sc 42 g 5101 sc 42 d 4106 scw 42 g 5102 scw 42 gr. wcb d 4101 sc 49 g 5101 sc 42 d 4106 scw 49 g 5102 scw 49 gr. wcc d 4106 scw 49 g 5102 scw 49 gr. wc1 d 4107 scph 11 g 5151 scph 11 gr. wc6 d 4107 scph 21 g 5151 scph 21 gr. wc9 d 4107 scph 32 g 5151 scph 32